Feb 20: Poitier, O'Neill, Hearst, Cobain

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Feb 20: Poitier, O'Neill, Hearst, Cobain

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Feb 20, 2020 8:55 am

Poitier, Sidney. Feb 20, 1927, 9:00 PM EST, Miami, FL (A).
O'Neill, Jennifer. Feb 20, 1948, 1:00 AM BZT2, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (A).
Patty Hearst. Feb 20, 1954, 6:01 PM PST, San Francisco, CA (AA).
Kurt Cobain. Feb 20, 1967, 7:38 PM PST, Aberdeen, WA (AA).

Two of these people may be of unusual importance in understanding relocation of the natal chart because they moved from their birthplace almost immediately. Sidney Poitier was born in Miami when his parents were visiting, then returned with them to the Bahamas where he was raised (on Cat Island). Jennifer O'Neill was born in Brazil when her parents were visiting, then was raised in New Rochelle, NY and Wilton, CT.
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Avshalom Binyamin
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Re: Feb 20: Patty Hearst

Post by Avshalom Binyamin » Thu Feb 20, 2020 1:52 pm

Patty Hearst

Venus-0-Aquarius Sun-90-Scorpio Mars on the angles. Whew! Charming narcissistic bad girl, fueled with a little moon-60-mars emotional mania, and and weighed down with a Venus-120-Saturn. Another Mercury-90-Jupiter--great for actors to be able to play educated characters. (I assumed she was an actress--I'm too young to remember the Hearst trial story. But I looked it up after I wrote this).

Kurt Cobain

Oh, wow. That's intense. Uranus-Pluto-0-Asc--180--Mercury-Venus-Saturn-0-Dsc . Angular Mercury of course common with commercially successful, legendary musicians, but also expressing all that "grunge" mix of Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus--heavy, strange, authentic, dark, gritty. Oh, and that Mercury-120-Moon,Jupiter-120-Neptune--that's the emotional inspiration plus those artistic illusion-creating skills.

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Re: Feb 20: Kurt Cobain

Post by Danica » Sun May 17, 2020 4:37 pm

Jim Eshelman wrote:
Thu Feb 20, 2020 8:55 am
Kurt Cobain, February 20, 1967, 7:38 PM PST, Aberdeen, WA
I want to analyze the chart itself, look into what’s there as most prominent factors, the core, without thinking of his bio and what is known about life/person.

Aquarius Sun will give a broad perspective, unique and/or scientific mind with heart that beats for the collective. The Gemini Moon indicates the playful nature, and need for being met/seen by an Another beloved-human in a childlike sharing of the play-of-life experiences, i.e. partnership is very important.
Mars in Libra: what he’s motivated to work and fight for is: Peace-harmony-justice; tied into the Luminary ideas, this fits well with the libertarian Aquarian spirit and the democratizing, Egalite motif of Gemini Moon.

There’s a plethora of planets in the expressivity zone! Five in total, and four of them under 5*; in order of orb:
Ur on AC 25’
Ve on DC 2*28’
Me on DC 3*36’
Sa on DC 4*06’
Pl on AC 9*40’


Sorted (under 1*):
Sun tri Ma 00*00’
Ve tri Ju 51’

The only aspect the Sun has is this partile, precise to the minute of arc, trine with Mars; and the Moon has no aspects.

All other aspects in the chart, under 5*, in sequence of orb and listed by planets, inners to outers:

Me opp Pl 1*19’
Me oct Ma 1*39’
Me opp Ur 4*47’
Ve cnj Sa 2*10’
Ve tri Ne 2*12’
Ve opp Ur 3*18’
Ju tri Ne 1*20’
Ju sex Ur 2*26’
Ju tri Sa 3*02’
Ur sex Ne 1*05’
Ur cnj Pl 3*27’


The picture I get from this:
Uranus, obviously is the overall clearly most dominant voice – it’s only 25’ from angle, and in the chart of Aqu Sun.

Both Me and Ve, as well as Sa, and also Pl, are easy to express (I would imagine an artist, or a scientist (or both, kind of Renaissance man type of person) diligent in their field, working on their beloved projects 12h per day, yet rather easy-going, very charming, and wise, and a true authentic ‘weirdo’ of some kind).

The fact that there are two trines as the strongest aspects (by orb), and also that one of them is precise to the minute and involves the Sun, draws attention – trines tend to structure, compress, sometimes manifesting as suppressing, energy. The Ma-Su is so strong!, yet it’s a trine, and the rest of the chart indicates the opposite of Mars, i.e. prominence of non-Martial themes.
With Ur on angle so sharp, and Gem Moon, and these Mercury aspects, there’s great nervous sensitivity, intense energy currents streaming through the nervous system.
I don’t see this person expressing the Mars side, that affects so much the tone of their core Identity (the whole life – this is the Sun itself! - “the essence of life”), via any usual way that Mars would naturally tend to be expressed (aggression, competitiveness, interest in sport, some kind of excelling in a disciplined physical activity, etc) – this power-needs cluster is coming from the house of the Love for Harmony (is in Libra), and the highly intellectual and freedom-oriented, humanitarian and scientific nature of the Aqu Sun and Gem Moon I imagine: either inventing their own unique way of this Mars-expression that fits no categories we could put it into, yet is a distinctly Martial expression of the Sun; or gradually becoming “beaten down” by life/world/events.

The love-romance-affection nature is refined (Pisces Ve, strongest asp. with Ju – one of the two partile in the chart, then trine with Ne), yet prone to suffering, misery, self-sacrifice and ridden with ongoing struggle between the need to commit (Ve-Sa) and the need to be free (Ve-Ur; and strong Ur overall).
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Re: Feb 20: Patty Hearst & Kurt Cobain

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 17, 2020 4:47 pm

Jim Eshelman

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Jim Eshelman
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The impact of relocation

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue Jul 12, 2022 5:52 pm

Our standard teaching is that, while charts (especially natal charts) relocate as one moves on Earth, one never loses one's natal chart. Is this true?

The rule was determined primarily by observing that people who move, as adults, to new locations still retain the characteristics of planets angular at their birthplace. For example, I'm still a very lunar person despite having not lived (or even been, except for brief visits) where my Moon is angular for nearly half a century. Dozens to hundreds of examples of demonstrated this pattern over the years.

However, there is another possible explanation: It's possible that one only retains the traits of birthplace angular planets because one responded to them and built one's character structure (general way of being) and particular, habitual reactions and behaviors while living under the birthplace chart. Perhaps these are only residual, habituated traits, not continually reinforced innate and invariable traits.

The one way that occurs to me to test this is to examine people who left their birthplace almost immediately at birth and grew up elsewhere. Two such public examples share the February 20 birthday: actors Sidney Poitier and Jennifer O'Neill.

Sidney Poitier
Sidney Poitier was born in Miami when his parents were visiting, then returned with them to the Bahamas where he was raised (on Cat Island).

At birth, he had a single planet foreground: Pluto was 4°55' from Midheaven. On Cat Island, Bahamas (24N27, 75W30), Pluto is 0°32' from MC with Moon 6° from Asc.

It's tempting to say, Yes! - this clearly is a better showing for a figure singled out from his generation for extraordinary talent and accomplishment, especially as an actor. Unfortunately, it doesn't take anything away from the natal chart: His birthplace Pluto remains foreground and became even stronger when his parents went home.

I'm inclined to say, though, that living his entire youth where he was uniquely singled out must have had its impact on him. Relocation served him well the rest of his life; for example, relocate his chart to Los Angeles to see the factors that impinged upon the launching of his film career. Also, in NY he had Pluto on MC almost as close as in the Bahamas (and Moon a little closer).

This was not the clear-cut example I hoped it would be.

Jennifer O'Neill
Jennifer O'Neill was born in Brazil when her parents were visiting, then was raised in New Rochelle, NY and Wilton, CT.

In Rio (her birthplace), O'Neill had Jupiter 1°47' above Asc, Moon 1°18' below Dsc, Moon-Jupiter in 0°09' mundane opposition, and a more widely angular Uranus. It's hard to imagine angular planets more appropriate for an actor (Jupiter) whose Summer of '42 posters made her practically a "pin-up girl" of her time.

Unlike with Poitier, we get a LOT of difference when she moved to New Rochelle. Moon-Jupiter (+Uranus) leave the angles altogether. Pluto is now 2°40' from MC conjunct Saturn 6°16' away. (Wilton, CT is nearly identical.) While this doesn't reflect her eventual form of success as well as her birthplace chart does, do we find Pluto (+Saturn) marks the turns her life took?

My impression is that the birthplace chart shows the type of success and fame, though perhaps would have suggested more of it. (She "became big" for a while, but never gigantic. She had greater persisting success in modelling than in acting, though.)

Perhaps clearest - not a matter of mere degree of a trait, but a quite different set of traits - she had a religious conversion, becoming a born-again Christian. This is quite consistent with Jupiter rising in Sagittarius exactly opposite Moon, and (if anything) inconsistent with culminating Pluto conjunct Saturn.

However, this isn't a clearcut case. I now see I was wrong that she moved immediately. (One reference said her parents were only briefly visiting a relative.) Wikipedia says she didn't move to NY until she was 14. That makes her ill-suited for this particular inquiry: Her character and general habits of response to life were already formed.

A minor aside not related to the present question: With Sagittarius rising, she's especially known as a skilled equestrian.

An other aside: With Moon closely conjunct Descendant (and well-aspected), it's interesting that she's been married nine times.
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