Pluto & Aries (Garth Allen)

As historic references, I've collected various excerpts of writings by Cyril Fagan, Garth Allen, and Rupert Gleadow on the 12 zodiacal constellations, plus Garth Allen's unpublished summaries of sign natures.
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Pluto & Aries (Garth Allen)

Post by Jim Eshelman » Mon Jul 04, 2022 3:24 pm

Like Planet, Like Sign
(from "Your Powwow Corner" by Garth Allen, American Astrology 12/57)

Now from the sidereal perspective we see considerable merit in a more Arian than Scorpian kind of Pluto... we felt it would be a good opportunity to point out again that typical sidereal Aries natives seem to reflect traits and tendencies decidedly in keeping with our present understanding of Pluto's endowment where personality is concerned. Arians are the extremists of the zodiac in the sense that no other constellation comes near producing such extremes of ambition and laziness in the same souls. No other zodiacal group entertains goals so high and wishes so plushly upholstered on the cerebral level, with at the same time such chronic reluctance to get out of bed mornings and make like a beaver. We've known purebred Arians who slept soundly through a Richter VII sized earthquake. Bachelor tenants born under stellar Aries are often regular morning problems to rooming house landladies whose duties included rousting out their working guests. The argument reduces itself to "like planet, like sign." People with unusually prominent natal Plutos often have this same inclination to sleep so soundly even a tsetse fly would be dumbfounded. Impinging on the questions, too, is the Pluto rulership of diseases characterized by consciousness for various reasons - encephalitis and epilepsy, for known examples.

It is just a hunch, but I am guessing that a statistical probe of employment records would show Aries having the highest rate of job changing. Which recalls to mind the fact that the classical reading for the Aries personality stresses the "on again, off again, now rich, now poor" proclivity of natives of this zodiacal sector. All of which smacks more directly of Plutonian qualities than of snappy, "oneupmanship" Martian attributes. The average Mars dominated individual sleeps like a hibernating bear but springs out of bed at reveille to challenge a new day, whereas the Pluto dominated person has to come to consciousness gradually as though fearful of the bends. On this matter of sleep and waking habits, by itself considered and from the sidereal observation post alone, it would seem that Aries natives are markedly more Plutonian than Martian.

Students who keep an extensive notebook of historically significant birth dates realize the basic differences that exist between thoroughbred Arians and typical Scorpians, how that Aries likes to boss and Scorpio likes to fight. The latent combativeness of the true Scorpian character is probably its foremost trait, and by combativeness we mean fight in the sense people usually use it when trying to persuade their neighbor to vote a particular way. Both signs revel psychologically in a good scrap but it seems that Aries gets involved to get somewhere and Scorpio enters the fray to get something done. This being a real difference, again individualist Pluto seems more of the nature of Aries than does soldierly Mars. In any case, the writer has not make up his own mind one way or the other, being content for the present with using the planetary rulerships for the purpose they were originally devised. And why not?

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