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Local angle test

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Jan 28, 2024 2:47 pm

I'm right in the middle of an opportunity to test solar arc direction of local angles. Within the next week, directed local Ascendant exactly crosses natal Saturn.

Based on prior experience, I'm pretty sure local angles direct just as much as birthplace angles. This, of course, is one of those times one would like to be wrong :)

Directed birthplace Ascendant conjunct natal Saturn was exact in May 1997. That was a rough year. Six months before it was exact, I ended a 21-year relationship under unpleasant circumstances. I was already in the process of winding down my law practice. Four months after it was exact, I broke my heel and was laid up for several months. These are three quite different sorts of events, all appropriately Saturn.

There was a different mix of circumstances. Not only did directed Ascendant conjoin natal Saturn, but directed Saturn exactly squared natal Moon. This pair, in turn, highlighted the natal Sa = Mo/As midpoint structure (0°05'). All of these things occurred under a very different SSR, which highlighted natal Venus-Pluto.

This time, I have quite different solar arcs (in addition to a quite different SSR). Besides local Asc to Saturn, I have directed Sun crossing my IC and Nadir, d Moon octile r Sun, and just the beginning of d Venus-Pluto to natal Moon. These are all positive (or neutral at worst), and with the Venus-Pluto taken the worst possible way, I note that I'm in an unusually strong, solid marriage.

All sorts of things could go wrong, of course. We're financially vulnerable in a few places. My job seems secure (they just gave me a larger-than-usual raise so they must like me <g>), etc. I probably wouldn't have mentioned this direction in advance except for everything else hitting at the same time. Under an emotionally hard Demi-SLR that starts Tuesday, I have the following lineup of major factors during the next week (starting with one very nice aspect):
  • Feb 2: t Jupiter oc r Moon
  • Feb 3: d L Asc co r Saturn
  • Feb 4: t Pluto co s MC
  • Feb 5: Mars Return (t Ma co r Ma)
  • Feb 8: t Saturn op s Moon
I don't know if transits to solar arc planets are meaningful but, if so, add February 6 transiting Saturn square directed (birthplace) Ascendant.

This is such a pile-up, I re-did Marion's new SLR for the two places she's visiting this next week (she's flying back home just as these aspects are wrapping up) and was pleased to see very precise Jupiters for both Parris Island, SC and Fort Oglethorpe, GA. (Our nephew is graduating from Marine boot camp.) It doesn't seem like the sort of charts under which a plane would go down (though that eventuality could certainly fit my charts.)

So, I'll relax into it. This will be a very busy, high-profile week at work, lots to do, and I hope to get some writing done while Marion is away for a week. Nonetheless, I thought I'd mention - the double-up of directed angle to Saturn exact within a day of Pluto crossing SSR MC seemed a bit much to ignore.

One signal - since directions are six months to a year coming and going - this has been somewhat a Saturn season but not in a terrible way. Five months ago, Marion broke her ankle (with subsequent surgery, recovery, lost income - but we've been ultimately fine and have had some wonderful, fun adventures). And my eye surgery (but despite as bit of discomfort, this was a real blessing, and even a positive not only for the long-term improvement but also because the surgery was completely free). This has been series of months when things are unusually good given that some bad stuff has been happening - not at all like the drama of 1996-97 - which actually puzzles me. I'd have expected this direction to have hit harder already.
Jim Eshelman

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