Why Study Astrology?

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Why Study Astrology?

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue Nov 22, 2022 5:57 pm

Why study astrology?

Astrology’s purpose is to give insight into ourselves and others, especially self-knowledge and self-understanding.

Of course, you will not gain self-understanding just from reading an astrology book any more than studying a street map of Paris is all you need to understand the French and their capital. Yet, as the street map can be enormously useful in actively exploring the beautiful, often confusing city on the Seine, an astrological map for the moment and place of your birth (horoscope) can be useful in exploring yourself (which also is beautiful and often confusing, I suspect).

Your astrological birth chart is a map of yourself. You just need to learn to read the map and then use it to explore yourself. This site gives the most important pieces of the puzzle - interpretations of Sun and Moon in the signs, planetary angularity, aspects, and more. Having the pieces, you then get to solve the puzzle yourself (though part of the fun is having others look over your shoulder calling out what they think you have missed).

The unfolding of your life is a direct consequence of WHO YOU ARE and the CHOICES YOU MAKE.

Character is destiny. Astrology, which most people think is a study of destiny, is therefore mostly a study of character. (We are all characters. That’s also part of the fun.) Your unfolding life, with its varied events and experiences, mirrors your inherent nature; that is, your life is always busy showing you who you are.

You can, of course, wander the boulevards and byways of your character and destiny ignoring your horoscope. Some people prefer blind adventure without map or planning. (Some people get lost.) However, since the universe was kind enough to take a perfect snapshot when you were born, a hologram of who you are and the life that is yours to unfold, you may want to check the map occasionally.

For this reason, we study astrology.
Jim Eshelman

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