Kinetic Lunar Returns in SF

Because so many of us use Solar Fire, this space collates tips & custom templates.
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Kinetic Lunar Returns in SF

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 07, 2017 6:47 pm

SteveS wrote:Jim—I have Solarfire version 5.0 which allows me, by selecting ‘advanced and ingress’ category, to calculate all the yearly Anlunar’s in a flash and quickly see if they are offering any configurations for my personal parameters. Does your later version of Solarfire allow you to do the same flash calculations with the KLR’S?
There isn't a DIRECT calculation for Kinetic Returns, but there is a trick that can get you within a minute or two (close enough for most work).

Create a Displayed Points list called "Sun" that has only the Sun in it, and one called "Moon" that has only the Moon in it. Also, if you don't already have it, create an Aspect Set called HARM01 (for "1st Harmonic") that has only conjunctions, and one called HARM02 (for "2nd harmonic") that has only conjunctions and oppositions.

Then run Dynamic > Transits & Progressions. Select your local and time frame as always. In the middle column, only check "Transits to Progressed." Under Point Selection, pick your 'Sun" or "Moon" point selection for everything. Under "Aspect Selection," pick HARM01 if you only want the conjunction return or HARM02 if you want to include the Demis. (Be sure the progression rate is set at Q2 before you start.)

What you're doing is getting a list of the dates and times of all conjunctions (and optionally oppositions) of transiting Moon to progressed Moon. This calculation routine is not quite as accurate as the return calculating routine, but (in anything I've seen) is within a minute or two. You can always fine-tune it manually.

When you have the Dynamic Events Report up (the list of KLR dates), click "View Chart" and it will immediately display a two-ring wheel of the KLR with progressed planets on the inner ring!
Jim Eshelman

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