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Re: Future Capsolars

Post by SteveS » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:08 am

Jim wrote:
BTW, October 28 starts the tumble, I think, since transiting Pluto on Capsolar Saturn crosses CapQ Asc. (It could be a market tumble.)
Agreed. Also, I want to monitor closely the exact eclipto cnj of Saturn-Pluto in early Jan 2020 for a possible major top in the market, which means the market will need to make new all time highs. I saw enough Gann evidence where he marked cnjs of the planets for tops in the markets which happened. If we see a new all time high top in 2020, we have seen enough market evidence where the big ‘tumble’s begin in the Autumn months.
Jim wrote:
Definitely agree with the transit MC. But the Capsolar itself is dormant, so (as a stand-alone chart) I don't think it has any operation for the U.S. via Washington. No Moon aspects, no angularity close enough to lift from dormancy.
I understand and a good point. If we allow the MC for the 2020 Capsolar with its Saturn transit to symbolize the election objectives for the ones in power, then it spells trouble for the present power structure for DC. If this MC symbolizes market trouble or some other major problem in Nation—it may save Trump, but over- all, I think this Capsolar is symbolizing DC change with Uranus near East Point. We really need an AA timed birth for the Dem Nominee to complete 2020 election analysis. Traditionally, its difficult to remove an incumbent for the Prez office in election years.

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Re: Future Capsolars

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:34 am

Yikes, I missed that Uranus on EP. Thanks. That makes all the difference in the world!

Now the otherwise dead chart looks quite alive:

Uranus on EP 1°24' (on Asc +6°29')
Mercury on MC -3°03'
Sun on MC +4°14'
Saturn on MC +7°59'
Pluto on MC 8°24'

Saturn-Pluto conj. 0°15'
Saturn-Uranus sq. 1°30' in mundo
Sun-Saturn conj. 1°53'
Uranus-Pluto sq. 1°55' in mundo
Sun-Pluto conj. 2°08'
Sun-Uranus sq. 2°15' in mundo
Sun-Mercury conj. 3°14'

This is quite consistent with a change in leadership or overthrow of those in power. Unless there is some outright tragedy, it makes this the primary theme of the year. While Saturn-Pluto can mean many things (especially square Uranus as it is for DC), everything is centered on that Sun.

Of course, Uranus and Pluto are always game-changers. Expect a lot of turn-overs.
Jim Eshelman

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