Relocation help needed

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Re: Relocation help needed

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:40 am

martin88 wrote:
Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:16 am
Do you count the crossings at all?
Yes. Those are called parans. They're definitely secondary, but sometimes are a main factor distinguishing one area from another. For example, a friend moved from Los Angeles to San Diego - not a very long distance at all - but picked up a Sun-Neptune paran in San Diego that had her feeling dependent and unproductive, which she couldn't stand, so she moved back to LA. The feelings went away.
Here is what shows for Debrecen, the 2nd largest city in Hungary. I wonder whether the bolded ones could be too difficult for me, but Debrecen is to the west of my Jupiter line, which is a better place than to the east of the line:
There's no reason east or west of the line should have a different meaning.
Crossing Chiron/Neptune
Crossing Venus/Uranus
Crossing Moon/Mercury
Crossing Saturn/Chiron
Crossing Sun/Jupiter
I don't think there has been enough work done with Chiron to know what it means for sure. One could argue, of course, that Saturn with anything and Neptune with anything would be a problem, though we don't know importance (strength) to give it. Yes, I see your Sun-Jupiter, Moon-Mercury, and Mercury-Uranus lies slicing right through Slovakia, so not too far from Hungary (I'd have to do a separate calculation to see their orb for Debreczen, with Sun-Jupiter further north, exactly at the latitude of Wadowice.

These are a bit time-consuming to calculate carefully, but I'll take a few minutes to confirm these right now.

The map discloses as approximately present for Hungary, Chiron-Neptune, Venus-Uranus, Moon-Mercury, Saturn-Chiron, and Sun-Jupiter, and also Mars-Chiron which wasn't on your list. From careful calculation, here is what I get using 1° orbs, for Debreczen. (In addition, you have a Saturn-Uranus paran that is present at all locations on earth, 0°50'.) For each one, I've placed at the end of the line the specific angles the planets are on when they form the paran; for example, you have Mercury on Descendant at the same time Chiron is on MC, which is what forms their "crossing."

0°09' Saturn-Chiron (Asc/Dsc)
0°14' Mercury-Chiron (Dsc/MC)
0°19' Venus-Uranus (Asc/Dsc)
0°19' Chiron-Neptune (Asc/Dsc)
0°36' Mars-Neptune (Asc/MC)

I'd worry a bit about the Mars-Neptune, which can be treacherous and poisonous; but possibly you can use its energy in your music? (I don't know what you play or how you play it, there are several genres that live deeply in a Mars-Neptune state.)

Sun-Jupiter must be Sun on IC when Jupiter is on Asc. For this location, their orb is 1°05'. (Some people count up to 2°, I was being more conservative with 1°.) Moon-Mercury must be Moon on Dsc with Mercury on IC, which is 1°43' for this city.
Jim Eshelman

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Re: Relocation help needed

Post by martin88 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:56 am

Thanks Jim, and excuse some of my previous posts if I have come off as negative or not , I probably have a hard transit as since 2017 I'm coming off the wrong way to people. I notice it when shopping, I put off the cashiers.
Here are some places I'm interested in. I put the aspect lines in small letters if anyone is interested, but as you say they should not be considered as aspects to angles don't exist. I'm looking for some place that will be nicer than or equal to Sofia. Bratislava, Prague and Holland were worse (Moon, Moon, and Pluto line respectively).
Sofia, Bulgaria
Jupiter/MC Line; Crossings: Neptune/Moon's Nodes, Jupiter/Moon's Nodes, Moon/Moon's Nodes, Sun/Moon. Aspect lines: Sun trine/sextile MC, Pluto trine/sextile AS, Chiron trine/sextile AS

Most of Bulgaria is similar, but in Southern Bulgaria another paran has an effect, which seems unpleasant: Chiron/Moon's Nodes. In Eastern Bulgaria they show another change, but those are aspects, therefore irrelevant: Neptune trine/sextile AS and Mars trine/sextile MC.
Athens might be nicer than Northern Greece and Bulgaria latitude:
Jupiter/MC Line; Crossings: Moon/Jupiter, Jupiter/Pluto, Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars, Chiron/Uranus. Aspect lines: Sun trine/sextile MC, Chiron trine/sextile AS, Pluto trine/sextile AS
Madeira - A friend told me that would be my best place in Europe. No suitable jobs there, but maybe I'll go there for a vacation:
Sun/AS Line 164 km & Crossing Mercury/Mars. Aspect lines: Mercury square MC, Jupiter trine/sextile AS, Venus trine/sextile MC

Continential Portugal - Met very nice people from there but it doesn't look good.
Crossings: Neptune/Moon's Nodes, Chiron/Moon's Nodes, Jupiter/Moon's Nodes, Moon/Moon's Nodes, Moon/Jupiter. Aspect lines: Pluto square AS, Uranus trine/sextile MC, Saturn trine/sextile, Sun square MC - says this is a difficult Sun line
Paris - I loved it there but was just a few hours as a tourist.
Crossings: Mars/Chiron, Venus/Uranus, Sun/Jupiter, Moon/Mercury, Sun/Jupiter. Aspect lines: Venus sextile AS, Neptune trine/sextile MC
Nuremberg, Germany.
Crossings: Mars/Chiron, Venus/Uranus, Sun/Jupiter, Moon/Mercury, Moon/Mercury. Aspect lines: Uranus trine/sextile AS, Mercury trine/sextile MC, Saturn trine/sextile AS, Moon square AS, Jupiter square AS

If I go any further North in Germany I get these parans: Sun/Mars, Mars/Chiron, Venus/Saturn, Sun/Jupiter, Moon/Mercury
If I go further south (Munich) I'll get those crossings Mars/Chiron, Chiron/Neptune, Venus/Uranus, Sun/Jupiter, Moon/Mercury
Always wanted to visit Poland but I have a Venus/Saturn crossing there, at least according to, not sure how good their calculations are. Some Polish people have certainly acted in a distant way.

As I have Moon in Scorpio, it's important to take that in mind. My least aspected planets seem to be Mercury and Venus. Most of Northern Europe seem to be better avoided by me. I've always been drawn to Portugal (but not Spain, I get bad vibes from that one!), Germany, Hungary, Poland and perhaps France. After I did a Street View on Athens, I think it feels attractive to me as well. However, I am wary of trusting my instincts as they led me to my Pluto line in the Netherlands. :roll:

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Re: Relocation help needed

Post by martin88 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:38 am

I am certain that a girl I had a fall out with has placed a curse or black magic on me. A psychic confirmed it. I thought the problem were the locations, but even here in my home city the people around me act like I'm public enemy number one. I've never felt so hated or ostracized for no reason at all. A total social pariah. That girl hated it that I had a better salary as a foreigner in her country and it mostly affects me at work. It's like I've turned more socially inept than even as I get and give off weird vibes. I hate my life, I wish I never met that girl.

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