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Spain' Prime Minister ousted

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:06 am

In a no-confidence vote today, long-serving Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was removed from office for corruption by Spain's parliament today (June 1, 2018). This, in combination with this week's elections in Italy, spells trouble for the EU.

I don't know what time this occurred, but the news broke from NY Times at 2:43 AM PDT, which was 11:43 AM in Madrid. I suppose 11:30 AM is about the right time, and Uranus was crossing Madrid's MC exactly at that time. UPDATE: The vote was announced in advance to begin at 11:01, so I still think 11:30 is the best estimate of when it was completed.

CAPSOLAR: The Moon-Mercury-Saturn conjunction is on EP (Saturn no in orb, Mercury closest). ARISOLAR: Sun-Uranus conjunction on IC, perhaps the most classic single aspect for "change of leadership." Saturn rises, in mundane square to Uranus.

CAPLUNAR: Mercury exactly on EP, square culminating Pluto. Uranus 61' from Ascendant. Sun widely rising but 27' from mundane square Pluto. A classic deposing power-change chart!

LIBLUNAR: Mrs on IC 2°, Mercury rising 35', a little Sun and Jupiter, and of course Moon opposite Uranus.

CAPQ: Ingress Mars and Jupiter came to angles. I'm surprised Sun wasn't closer, but it wasn't. I suppose this is all politics (with a sufficient "attack element centered on MC). However, TRANSITS TO CAPSOLAR are far clearer, with t Saturn sq. Capsolar MC 0°03' (!) and t Neptune sq. Capsolar Asc (0°48').

The CANQ backs this up with MC 02' from square CanQ Sun. MC doesn't quite hit ingress Uranus, but will do so over the weekend when the actual power-change will likely occur. We get Sun for the day in TRANSITS TO CANSOLAR where transiting Sun exactly crossed Madrid's Cansolar MC.

It's quite a classic. If anybody finds a time for the finalization of the vote, please let me know.
Jim Eshelman

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