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Post by Veronica » Sat May 12, 2018 6:00 am

Ive been in a little bit of a funk lately. pretty sad about having to loose my little home, very sad about having to leave the trees. I have a tree in m y yard that was planted in an alignment with a treaty that was signed by the Natives and the white. Its pretty cool actually, this tree is close to 500 years old, a huge Oak.
Ive lived here now for 17 ish years and I have always wanted to climb the tree, but no one wanted me to. they were afraid id fall and die. so when ever I wanted to try I was squashed.
well last weekend it was the day. I climbed the tree. I wish I would have done it before.
up in the tree, wayyyyyyyyy up I found a branch that had been two branches that grew together, and formed a very cool hollowed out cavity.
I was so excited.
I was going to hide a secret treasure in this cavity, so that maybe someday in the distant future someone would find it.
it was so much fun for me to select the objects that I was hiding, and I wrote a really cool little letter to go with it.
my tree is at 77.76n 43.07 w which I also think is a very cool place to be, so I wrote that number down as a header to the lucky treasure finders.
I wrote a little poem and instead of signing it, I wrote my birth date information, which upon reflection would probably make the finders think it was hidden in 1971, but oh well.

you don't know how much I dream about flying, but it was so hard for me to stand 300 feet up in the arms of this extension of Gaia and not leap into the air and fly away.

I took lots of pictures of me in my tree too, and I look so happy.

that's what a Venus in Sag heart 8-) will do for ya.

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Re: Treasures

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat May 12, 2018 11:08 am

Sounds awesome :)

I'm sorry you're losing your home. Obviously, there are new adventures ahead and new homes to find.

We can look at transits to see the meaning that life is priming us to attach to circumstances. You have three or four of interest. Two that are outright positive - that give the impression more of getting a new home and events having positive impact on your psyche and circumstances - are Jupiter's opposition to your Saturn and square to your Mercury. Another of possible minor interest is Uranus' sextile to your Sun - not generally productive of much (e.g., I wouldn't credit it with the circumstantial changes in your life so much as with a reorientation of thinking and even a refreshing of your mind).

But the one that will be with you most for the next year is more challenging. It is Neptune's square to your Mars. I suggest you read about this in the transit section and spend some time thinking about it. My gut says that understanding Neptune square your Mars will unlock your inner map to navigate the next year or so. ... 1616#p1619
Jim Eshelman

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