Lindbergh Kidnapping

Analyses of distinct mundane events, using the methods of Sidereal mundane astrology
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Jim Eshelman
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Lindbergh Kidnapping

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat May 12, 2018 8:30 pm

On this date in 1932, one of the nation's most depressing Depression Era stories climaxed. On March 1, the 20-month-old baby of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped and held for ransom. On May 12, the baby's body was found dead in Mount Rose, NJ, about 5 miles from the Lindbergh home.

Astrologers for a generation studied the Lindbergh kidnapping as thoroughly as later generations discussed the Nixon resignation or 9/11. The chart of Lindbergh was well known, and that of kidnapper and murderer Bruno Hauptman became available. The newly discovered planet Pluto was connected with kidnapping through this event, and this view persisted over 20 years later when Bradley used it as an example of Pluto's I-Thou character in "Taking the Kid Gloves Off Astrology."

I don't think the event itself has ever been examined by Sidereal mundane astrology techniques. Charts for the discovery of the body - surely the worst event, for parents and even for the public, in a series of horrible events - demonstrates without a doubt the role of Pluto in the event.

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.)
Year: Cansolar (Dormant.)

t Pluto sq. CapQ Moon Apr 13 - Sep 23

Quarter: Arisolar
(The kidnapping, child crisis, general shock, and discovery - all here!)
Mercury on Dsc (0°14')
Uranus on Dsc (0°56')
Moon on MC (1°01')
Pluto on MC (1°25')
Sun on WP (1°10')
-- Moon-Uranus sq. (0°06' in mundo)
-- Uranus-Pluto sq. (0°23')
-- Mercury-Uranus conj. (1°09in mundo)
-- Mercury-Pluto sq. (1°12' in mundoi)
-- Moon-Mercury sq. (1°15' in mundo)
-- Moon-Pluto conj. (1°44')
-- Moon-Sun sq. (2°05')

Month: Caplunar
Moon on Dsc (0°21')
Pluto on Asc (0°29')
-- Moon-Pluto op. (0°50' in mundo)
-- Mo/Pl on horizon (0°04')
Uranus sq. Asc (0°10')
Mars sq. Asc (2°09')
-- Uranus-Pluto sq. (0°14')
-- Mars-Pluto sq. (2°04')
-- Mars-Uranus con. (2°07' in mundo)

Week: Canlunar
Pluto on IC (1°08')
Mars on Asc (2°27')
Mercury on Asc (2°27')
-- Mercury-Mars conj. (0°00' in mundo)
Uranus sq. MC (1°16')
-- Uranus-Pluto sq. (0°51')
-- Mercury-Uranus conj. (3°20')
-- Mars-Uranus conj. (3°51' in mundo)
Sun on Asc (8°23')
Moon-Mercury sq. (0°39')
Moon-Uranus sq. (2°42')
Moon-Sun sq., (2°48' in mundo)
Moon-Pluto conj. (3°33')

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits
(Using noon for the discovery, it seems to have been during daylight.)
t Pluto sq. p Moon (0°22')
p MC sq. t Saturn (0°26')
p EP conj. s Mars (1°59')
t Venus conj. s MC (1°20')

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits (Dormant.)

Year (Capsolar): (Dormant.)
Year (Cansolar): (Dormant.)
Bridge (+2): Pluto (Cap).
Quarter (+3): Moon Sun Mercury Uranus Pluto. Moon-Sun Moon-Mercury Moon-Uranus Moon-Pluto Mercury-Uranus Mercury-Pluto Uranus-Pluto.
Month (+3): Moon Mars Uranus Pluto. Moon-Pluto Mars-Uranus Mars-Pluto Uranus-Pluto.
Week (+2): Mercury Mars Uranus Pluto (Sun). Moon-Sun Moon-Mercury Moon-Uranus Moon-Pluto Mercury-Mars. Mercury-Uranus Mars-Uranus Uranus-Pluto.
Day (Capsolar, +2): Mars Saturn Moon-Pluto (CapQ, +2). Venus (transit, -1).
Day (Cansolar): (Dormant.)
Jim Eshelman

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: Lindbergh Kidnapping

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 13, 2018 8:43 am

I got so caught up in the anniversary of the death, I didn't stop to do the charts for the kidnapping itself. This occurred March 1, 1932, about 9:30 PM EST, in Highfields, NJ (specifically 40°N25'26'', 074°W46'04''). - A noise was heard at 9:30, and the baby was discovered missing (and a ransom note left behind) at 10:00. Saturn was precisely on IC at 9:30 PM.

The charts, again, are magnificent - until we get to the day. While all that Jupiter may have a valid meaning for a ransom situation for a famous (but not rich) family, the basic message is all wrong. The CanQ does better, except the Saturn just isn't close enough. - Perhaps this began more of a national event (more viewable from Washington?) and did so when the news broke (I think it was probably on the radio by the next morning, certainly known to much of the nation by lunchtime). Alas, more charts to do when I have the chance.

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.)
Year: Cansolar (Dormant.)

Bridge {+1}
t Uranus conj. CapQ Moon (0°21')

Quarter: Libsolar {+3}
(A great example of flow-through!)
Saturn on Dsc (1°53')
Moon on Dsc (+2°08')
Pluto on Asc (-2°35') [sq. non-ang Mercury 1°14', Sun 1°38']
-- Moon-Saturn conj. (0°14' in mundo)
-- Moon-Pluto op. (1°19')
-- -- Mo/Pl on horizon (0°09')
-- -- Sa/Pl on horizon (0°16')
Uranus sq. Asc (2°09')
-- Saturn-Uranus sq. (0°05')
Moon-Mercury sq. (2°34')
Moon-Sun sq. (2°57')

Month: Caplunar {+3}
Moon on Dsc (2°32')
Pluto on Asc (2°49')
-- Moon-Pluto conj. (0°17' in mundo)
Saturn on Dsc (4°24')
Mercury on Dsc (5°16')

-- Mercury-Saturn conj. (0°52' in mundo)
-- -- Sa/Pl on horizon (0°47')
-- -- Mo/Sa on horizon (0°56')

Week: Liblunar {+2}
Pluto on IC (1°05')
Moon on WP (0°20')
Uranus on Asc (8°07')
Venus on Asc (9°25')
-- Moon-Uranus op. (0°25' in mundo
-- Venus-Uranus conj. (1°18' conj. in mundo)
-- Moon-Venus op. (1°42' in mundo)

Day: Capsolar Quotidian {-2}
t Uranus conj. p Moon (0°21')
p MC conj. s Jupiter (1°44')

Day: Cansolar Quotidian {+1}]
p MC sq. s Jupiter (1°20'), sq. t Saturn (2°02')
-- t Saturn op. s Jupiter (0°42')

Year (Capsolar): (Dormant.)
Year (Cansolar): (Dormant.)
Bridge (+1): Uranus (Cap).
Quarter (Libsolar, +3): Moon Saturn Pluto (Uranus). Moon-Sun Moon-Mercury Moon-Saturn Moon-Pluto Saturn-Uranus Sa/Pl (Sun-Pluto Mercury-Pluto).
Month (+3): Moon Pluto (Mercury Saturn). Mo/Sa Moon-Pluto Mercury-Saturn Sa/Pl.
Week (+2): Moon Pluto (Venus Uranus). Moon-Venus Moon-Uranus Venus-Uranus.
Day (CapQ, -2): Jupiter. Moon-Uranus.
Day (CanQ): Jupiter. Jupiter-Saturn.
Jim Eshelman

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: Lindbergh Kidnapping

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 13, 2018 9:21 am

For those who want to investigate from a more personal astrology perspective, kidnapper Bruno Hauptman was born November 26, 1899, 1:00 PM, in Kamenz, Germany, according to a radiogram from Hauptman's mother to Paul Clancy at the American Astrology offices in New York. (My old friend Pat Davis thought it should be rectified to 12:14 PM FWIW.)

The baby, Charles A. Lindbergh III, was born June 22, 1930, 2:10 PM, in Englewood, NJ, from the birth certificate.

Father Charles A. Lindbergh was born February 4, 1902, 1:30 AM, in Detroit, MI, according to his birth certificate.

Mother Anne Morrow Lindbergh, who was a notable figure in her own right, was born June 222, 1906, 11:15 AM, Englewood, NJ; but this is DD (Dirty Data), the time conflicted and undocumented (the usually accepted chart is from Sabian Symbols, with no documentation where Marc Jones got it).
Jim Eshelman

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