Sennichi Department Store Fire [Fire]

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Sennichi Department Store Fire [Fire]

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 13, 2018 12:46 am

May 13, 1972, 10:27 PM, Osaka, Japan (34N49'15", 135E26'22")

118 died, 78 injured. Deadliest department store fire in Japan ever. Fire started by a smoldering cigarette butt. All of the casualties were in a cabaret in the same building, and most were caused by poisonous gas from burning construction materials. As often is the case, casualties were exacerbated by doors being locked in the cabaret (will we see solar factors?).

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.) Moon-Mars.

Year: Cansolar {+2}
Pluto on Dsc (2°37')
Uranus sq. MC (1°16')
-- Uranus-Pluto sq. (1°23' PVP)
Venus on IC (3°44')
-- Venus-Pluto sq. (1°07')
Moon-Jupiter op. (1°39')

Bridge {+1}
t Uranus op. Cansolar EP (1°52')

Quarter: Arisolar (Dormant.)

Quarter: Libsolar {+2}
Mars sq. Asc (0°20')
Venus on WP (0°42')
Mercury sq. MC (0°47') [conj. non-angular Pluto 3°47']
Neptune on Dsc (9°05') [conj. non-ang Jupiter 2°44', op. Saturn 3°53']
Moon-Uranus conj. (0°25')

Month: Caplunar {+1}
Moon on MC 0°11'
Sun on Asc (3°23')
Pluto on Dsc (7°19')
Mercury on Asc (9°09') [op. non-ang Uranus 3°22']
-- Mercury-Pluto (1°50' in mundo)

Week: Arilunar {0}
Mercury on Dsc (0°28')
Moon on Dsc (1°35')
-- Moon-Mercury conj. (3°06')

Day: Capsolar Quotidian {+2}
p MC sq. s Neptune (0°03'), t Neptune (0°24')
p EP op. t Saturn (0°18')

Day: Cansolar Transits {+1}
t Uranus op. s EP (1°52')

Year (Capsolar): (Dormant.) Moon-Mars.
Year (Cansolar, +2): Uranus Pluto (Venus). Moon-Jupiter Venus-Pluto Uranus-Pluto.
Bridge (+1): Uranus.
Quarter: (Dormant.)
Quarter (Libsolar, +2): Mercury Venus Mars (Neptune). Moon-Uranus (Mercury-Pluto Jupiter-Neptune Saturn-Neptune).
Month (+1): Moon Sun (Mercury Pluto). Mercury-Pluto (Mercury-Uranus).
Week (0): Moon Mercury. Moon-Mercury.
Day (CapQ, +2): Saturn Neptune.
Day (Cansolar transits): Uranus.
Jim Eshelman

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