Declaration of War on Mexico [War]

I will archive recent major events here while deciding whether to permanently integrate them into the research catalogue.
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Declaration of War on Mexico [War]

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun May 13, 2018 1:18 am

May 13, 1846, hour unknown (use noon), Washington, DC

The Mexican War was declared on the above date, starting a two-year war (1846-48) in the aftermath of the U.S. annexation of Texas.

Year: Capsolar (Dormant.) Moon-Jupiter.

Year: Cansolar
Moon on WP (0°37')
Neptune on MC (5°23')
Saturn on MVC (7°17')

Moon-Neptune sq. (1°53')

CapQ Moon-Jupiter sq. (0°50')
t Jupiter conj. Cansolar MC (1°15')

Quarter: Arisolar (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury.
Quarter: Libsolar (Dormant.)

Month: Caplunar
Sun on Asc (0°50')
Mercury on Asc (1°42')
-- Sun-Mercury conj. (0°52' in mundo)
Pluto on EP (0°32') [conj. non-ang Jupiter 1°15' in mundo]
-- Sun-Pluto conj. (3°30'), sq. (2°39' PVP)
Uranus on Asc (8°23')
-- Sun-Uranus sq. (1°00' PVP)
-- Uranus-Pluto conj. (3°43' PVP)
Moon on MC (8°54')
Moon-Jupiter sq. (1°52')
Moon-Pluto sq. (1°54')

Week: Liblunar (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Pluto.
Week: Canlunar (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Pluto.
Week: Arilunar (Dormant.) Moon-Mercury Moon-Pluto.

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits
p Moon-Jupiter sq. (0°50')
p IC conj. t Uranus (0°17'), s Mars (1°34')
t Mercury sq. s Moon (0°52')

Day: Cansolar Transits
t Jupiter conj. s MC (1°15')
t Sun sq. s MC (0°26')
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