Capital Gazette newspaper shooting

Analyses of distinct mundane events, using the methods of Sidereal mundane astrology
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Jim Eshelman
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Capital Gazette newspaper shooting

Post by Jim Eshelman » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:33 pm

Jun 28, 2018, 2:34 PM, Annapolis, MD (38N59'39", 76W32'37")

Five people have died (and two others were gravely injured) from a shotgun shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper office. The best reported time I've see so far is 2:34 PM. It was a single gunman, who is alive in custody.

The shooting was a revenge killing. In 2011 the paper reported on the shooter's guilty plea on criminal harassment charges. He sued the paper for defamation in 2012 and his suit was dismissed in 2015. Though he later made threats against the paper, no preventive action was taken.

Their offices are at 38N59'39", 76W32'37". For now, I'm just using Annapolis.

Capsolar Pluto sq. Asc 0°17'

Arisolar (Dormant.) Moon-Mars sq. (0°06' in mundo), Moon-Saturn sq. (2°24').

Caplunar Venus on Asc (2°55'), Saturn & Neptune more widely foreground

Liblunar Sun Asc (1°04'), Saturn-Neptune also foreground, Moon-Uranus op.

CapQ p MC conj. t Saturn (0°38'), p Mercury (0°17') [they're conjunct... and this was at a newspaper!], p MC op. t Sun. Also, t Pluto still conj. Capsolar IC.
Jim Eshelman

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: Capital Gazette newspaper shooting

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:05 pm

Here is a more complete workup.

Year: Capsolar {+2}
Pluto sq. Asc 0°14'
Sun on IC 2°39'
Uranus on WP 1°11'
Venus on IC 4°16'
-- Sun-Uranus sq. 0°21'
-- Venus-Uranus sq. 0°31' in mundo
-- Sun-Venus conj. 1°25'
Mars-Jupiter conj. 1°15' PVP
Moon-Mercury conj. 0°51'
Moon-Saturn conj. 0°56' in mundo

Bridge {+1}
t Pluto on Capsolar angles all year
t Uranus conj. Cansolar Moon 6/13-7/16
Event window: June 13 to July 16.

Quarter: Arisolar
Moon-Mars sq. 0°05'
Moon-Saturn sq. 2°24'

Month: Caplunar {+2}
Venus on Asc 2°57'
Saturn on Dsc 3°16'
Neptune on MC 7°17'

-- Ve/Sa on horizon 0°10'

Week: Liblunar {+1?}
Sun on Asc 1°02'
Saturn & Neptune more widely foreground
Moon-Uranus op. 1°00' in mundo

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {+3}
(It was at a newspaper!)
p MC conj. t Saturn 0°33', s Mercury 0°50', s Moon 1°31'; op. t Sun 0°42'
-- t Su/Sa on meridian 0°04'
-- t Saturn conj. s Mercury 0°17'
p Asc sq. t Moon -1°46', p Moon +1°32', Mo/Mo 0°07'
t Pluto sq. s Asc 0°50'

Day: Cansolar Transits {+2}
t Uranus conj. s Moon 0°27'
t Moon conj. s Dsc 1°06'

Year (+2): Sun Uranus Pluto (Venus). Moon-Mercury Moon-Saturn Sun-Venus-Uranus Mars-Jupiter.
Bridge (+1): Pluto (Cap). Uranus (Can).
Quarter: (Dormant.) Moon-Mars Moon-Saturn.
Month (+2): Venus (Saturn Neptune). Ve/Sa.
Week (+1): Sun (Saturn Neptune). Moon-Uranus.
Day (Capsolar, +3): Moon x2 Sun Mercury Saturn Mo/Mo Su/Sa Mercury-Saturn (CapQ). Pluto (transit).
Day (Cansolar transits, +2): Moon. Moon-Uranus.
Jim Eshelman

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