Fayetteville truck crash

Analyses of distinct mundane events, using the methods of Sidereal mundane astrology
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Fayetteville truck crash

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:19 pm

In 1958, soon after his "Unveiling a New Tool" series introduced Sidereal ingresses to the world, Garth Allen wrote a column (reproduced in the February 1975 issue of American Astrology, from which I quote it) on the first significant disaster to occur after the system was announced - and how astrology students jumped on the chance to test it. SMA delivered proudly!
Garth Allen wrote:A truck loaded with migrant farm works collided with a tractor trailer at a rural intersection in the worst accident of its kind in history. The fiery crash took twenty lives, at last count. It was headline story at the peak of the period when so many readers had just received particulars on a method of progressing the chart of the Sun's sidereal Capricorn ingress to the date and place of an event being studied. So it was only natural that the highway tragedy near Fayetteville, North Carolina, should have been the first current event many students would use for a "test" of the method we have been promoting for so long. [I doubt the original said "so long." By 1975 it seemed that, but the original was written in 1958. - JAE] Several students immediately wrote enthusiastic reports on the remarkable way the Capsolar quotidian chart for 7:15 A.M., June 6, 1957, nine miles north of Fayetteville, clearly pointed a fatal finger at this specific date, latitude and longitude.
In what follows, he used the coordinates for Fayetteville itself, not 9 miles north.

He gave a two-ring wheel with ingress and transit positions on the Capsolar. He gave these in Tropical longitude - an interesting tactic. What he had offered, and sent out to people who requested it, was a mimeographed table of the dates, times, RAMC, RAMS, and other data of all Capsolars for any decades, so anyone could work with these with either the Tropical or Sidereal zodiac and get identical results. If you knew to calculate the Capsolar for January 14, 1957, at 8:34 AM EST, it really didn't matter what zodiac you used - you'd get the same blow me away results.

Using the Tropical positions, he noted that, in the Capsolar, Mars was 21°35' Aries and Capsolar quotidian MC was 21°32' Aries! Ascendant of what we now call the CapQ was 2°09' Leo, and Capsolar Neptune was 2°20' Scorpio.
The precision of this contact, this meeting of Mars with the meridian, is something at which to marvel. Technically it is another bit of solid evidence that the statistically determined ayanamsa that we have adopted would be difficult if not impossible to refine any further. Astronomical formulas on which ephemerides are based simply cannot cut the margin any closer than this.

The Mars Midheaven situation is sufficient to dramatize the validity and usefulness of the quotidian method in this instance. But the way in which the geocentric Ascendant is square to Ingress Neptune at 2°20' Scorpio is also impressive. Transiting Uranus at 4°16' Leo is close to the Ascendant, too [Too wide for me. - JAE], and transiting Mars at 20°37' Cancer, squaring its ingress position, is surely significant.
To show how these quotidians are in motion, and patterns flow across geography, he then mentioned that a week later, about 500 miles farther west,
...another of the worst truck accidents on record occurred. On the afternoon of June 13th somewhere on the sprawling 100,000 acre military reservation known as Fort Campbell, fourteen soldiers returning from field exercises met their deaths when their truck slipped off the edge of the Bridgeway and fell upside down in the creek bed fourteen feet below.
An exact longitude and latitude weren't available, but he was able to estimate to the nearest degree and found MC 21°42' Aries and Asc 3°54' Leo - a lighter version of the same pattern from the same chart after it moved on down the road.
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Jim Eshelman
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Re: Fayetteville truck crash

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:34 pm

Now I'm interested in doing a complete work-up and not just the punch line. Did the other charts line up well for this "worst of its kind" collision?

The answer is: Yes, they did quite well - though the CapQ was the real "capper."

Year: Capsolar
Pluto sq. MC 0°33'
Uranus more widely foreground
Moon-Jupiter 130'
Moon-Venus op. 1°51'

t Neptune sq. Cansolar MC All year
CanQ Moon conj. s/p Saturn 4/9-6/8
CanQ Moon conj. s/p Pluto 5/5-7/4
Event window: May 5 to June 8

Quarter: Arisolar
Mars on IC 2°55'
Pluto on Dsc 3°04'
Jupiter & Saturn widely foreground
-- Mars-Jupiter sq. 2°33' PVP
-- Mars-Saturn op. 3°20'
Moon-Venus op. 1°44'
Moon-Sun op. 1°47'

Month: Capricorn
(The chart is great without the PVP aspects - but look at what they add!)
Pluto on Asc 0°01'
Sun & Mercury widely foreground
-- Sun-Pluto sq. 0°29'
Moon-Mars op. 0°04' PVP
-- Mars-Pluto sq. 1°14' PVP
-- Moon-Pluto sq. 1°34' PVP

Week: Canlunar (Dormant.)

Week: Arilunar
Mercury on IC 2°45'
Mars & Uranus are widely angular

Day: Capsolar Quotidian
p MC conj. s Mars (0°17'), sq. t Mars (0°42')
-- t Mars sq. s Mars (0°59')
p Asc sq. s Neptune (0°35'), t Neptune (1°46')

Day: Cansolar Quotidian & Transits
p Moon conj. s Saturn (0°56'), s Pluto (0°04')
t Neptune sq. s MC (1°36')
Jim Eshelman

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Re: Fayetteville truck crash

Post by SteveS » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:07 am

Jim wrote:
...though the CapQ was the real "capper."
As we so many times noted by your statistical work with Sidereal Mundane Astrology.

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