Ingress angularity is measured mundanely

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Ingress angularity is measured mundanely

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:05 pm

(This is a great demonstration by Garth Allen, reproduced in the February 1975 issue of AAM, that ingress angularities really are measured mundanely, not ecliptically. The original was published sometime in 1958. For this article, he gave no illustrations, so I have added them from Solar Fire calculation. - JAE)

Though most of us have long been satisfied that planetary influences operate on localities via their mundane rather than ecliptical positions in personal charts as well as impersonal ingresses, demonstrations of the fact free of the usually present ifs and buts have been few and far between. At long last, the gilt-edged examples offered themselves, and Pluto was the salvager - quite as expected due to its extreme latitude away from the ecliptic which rules out any doubt-creating confusion of mundane lines with those of longitude.

If you have saved your copy of the 1958 American Astrology Digest, scan those maps of the U.S. on page 7 which show the manner in which planetary mundane places drape themselves linewise across the States at the moments of the November 15th ad December 13th Caplunar ingresses. Observe how, in the former, Pluto is bodily on the horizon across the States at the moments of the Oswego [Oswego, NY], while in the last Caplunar of the year Pluto is bodily on the horizon through New Mexico, in the vicinity of Albuquerque. These are physical mundane positions, whereas in longitude the contacts occur at places half the country's breadth to the west.


As we have written and demonstrated so many times as to feel jaded, whenever a record is broken, when something incredible happens or a freak phenomenon occurs, you can safely bet that Pluto is the dominant motivator in the picture. When Pluto designs the stage settings, dialogues at the scene are punctuated with such typical utterance as "I've never seen the like before!", "This is fantastic; it just couldn't happen!" and "Well, I'll be!"

From spot checks of sidereal ingresses for record or freakish summertime snowfalls, we've known for some time that as with other extraordinary eventualities, Pluto was the X-marker in this connection, too. The best example was the sitdown strike pulled by Pluto in the Middle West in the Capsolar ingress of 1947, the year of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. It so happened that Pluto's mundane line sliced right across Nebraska during the abnormally cold spring of that year, exactly marking the area where a six-inch fall of snow made big news on June 12th! Saturn and Pluto were still within orb, and much closer mundanely, when riding the Midheaven of New York City in the Caplunar which closed 1947 with Manhattan's historic 25.8-inch snowfall during the 24 hous of December 26-27th.

Verification was impressive. The week of December 7th to 13th, 1958, spilled more than eight feet of snow on the town of Oswego and other record amounts all along Pluto's way, including a surprise foot and a half in the Carolinas. For a sidelight, note Saturn at Oswego's Midheaven in the December 13th ingress as the populace set about digging itself and its town out from their burial!

As the old year was expiring, the new ingress had etched a Pluto line elsewhere: the worst blizzard in New Mexico's history tore through he famously mild Southwest, dumping two feet of snow in many places, and over a foot in sunbaked Albuquerque itself, completely upending the easy-living milieu of the area. It just couldn't be - except geography throws away the rule-book when Pluto mounts the podium. Most important of all, we now have the capstone of proof on the pyramid of evidence that mundane positions, and those alone, govern the outworking of planetary effects on specific localities.

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Re: Ingress angularity is measured mundanely

Post by SteveS » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:03 am

8-) Thanks for this post Jim.

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