Testing transits and aspects for big ventures!

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Testing transits and aspects for big ventures!

Post by Arena » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:23 am

I have decided to do an experiment on transits and concurrent angularity.
The first step was taken today as I submitted a proposal for a lease to buy a great property I viewed yesterday with two ladies I know here. The idea is to make a retreat. The property is surrounded by huge land and it is like being in the countryside within the city. We all fell for the place and I am told that the managing director of the company that owns it took a particular liking to me and our energies seemed to match, or I could also say we "clicked" when I was talking to him about being flexible and open to all kinds of unusual structures of purchase :) We did not mean to send them our proposal until after the retreat we are going to in the first week of October, but since I saw the transiting Jupiter partile opposite my Moon and partile square my Mercury, I decided we needed to act on this right away to test that aspect - so I composed our proposal last night and sent it at 16.45 today when Jupiter was partile the local MC of this day chart. Transit Jupiter is also opposing my friend's Sun, since her Sun is conjunct my Moon. I need to get a hold of the third woman's birth year to cast her chart and see her transits.

Here is the post I submitted in my current solar return thread that is also relevant since I am still considering making another offer on another house to test those aspects of "trustee property" or something like that, just to see what would come out of it. I have nothing to lose, everything to gain! :)
Well, it will be interesting for me to see what outcome this particular SSR will have, living in the turmoil times of the upcoming Brexit in March 2019... will I stay or will I go depends on the UK government and possibly special rules for Scotland since Sturgeon is very keen to strengthen Scotlands ties to the Nordic countries.

Anyway, I find it interesting to kind of test the SSR even though I have to admit that last year's SSR did not turn out as the sidereal concurrent angularity indicated at all... it rather turned out exactly as the tropical solar return indicated with Moon-Saturn conjunction on an angle, a very depressive year.

This year's SSR local concurrent angularity within 5° is Saturn and Jupiter with tr. & s. Mercury partile square MC while tr. Pluto is partile n. MC and tr. Mars partile conj. rel. MC as well as tr. Nep sq rel. ASC and tr. Moon partile rel Ax or sq rel. MC ..the Moon is conj Uranus which is partile sq. rel. MC. So lots of things to consider actually.

To add to the picture of the concurrent angularity of Sat&Jup, tr. Saturn is conj. n. Jup and tr. Jup is quinc n. Saturn.

However, the solar return happened when I was in Italy and that would mean SSR Sun&Mars widely on SSR angles as well as a wide sq from Jupiter to SSR AC and the SSR MC partile n. Neptune.

I find it hard to use the aspectary interpretations in this website and others when there are more than two planets involved, f.ex. Mercury-Jupiter is very positive while Mercury-Saturn is negative... but when they are all three involved the interpretation needs a different angle. So I decided to look to Ebertin's COSI to gain the insight of three planets in aspect (or concurrent angularity).

Starting with the local SSR and looking at the concurrent angularity affecting the SSR MC and rel. MC which may have to do with work and home, counting from the closest to angle:
Mercury&Uranus partile squares, Moon wider square, n. Moon partile conj. SSR IC, Mars partile conj. rel. MC, Jupiter wider conjunct SSR MC.
Rel. MC; Moon-Uranus-Mars indicates excessive ambition or acting rashly, possibly violence or injury. It indicates emotional excitability, sudden experiences/changes. With Mercury involved can mean sudden news, a surprise.
SSR MC; Mercury-Jupiter-n.Moon; Far-reaching plans, a large sphere of thinking, the urge to learn, successes through speaking/writing, successful plans, large-scale projects or ventures, good business associations.
Mixture; Jupiter, Uranus and Moon affecting the MC angle can mean very fortunate turns in life, can mean a windfall of money and can also just travelling.

Planets affecting the SSR ASC and rel. ASC. are SSR Saturn and SSR Neptune which could be very negative as in a depressed state, misfortunes in dealing with others, disappointments, even losses ... but with the influence of n. Jupiter in close conj. to that Saturn and the SSR Jup on angle, I am hoping it will be on a more positive note.

So the message of all these planets on angles are very mixed and difficult to say if it is more likely to be successful with those far-reaching plans or if all will be lost and a huge disappointment.

Adding the angularity of Italy means Sun, Mars and Jupiter which can mean being positive and optimistic, the act of taking possessions, successful activity. With the n. Neptune to that SSR MC may mean that I react with finding things unreal or confusing or it can also mean highly imaginative.

I am particularly interested in testing the Saturn-Jupiter triply iterated picture.
"...it presages a long-term period of sobriety, settledness and stability. Contracts are drawn up and signed, property is purchased and frequently mortgaged and the native settles down to a humdrum if beneficial daily routine. ... Mutual configurations of Jupiter and Saturn denote inheritance, trustee property and the like where the interest only is expendable."
Look specifically at the underlined.
I have an idea to test this. I viewed a really GRAND house this summer, but it was in connection to other people who were looking into buying it. I was the contact and I went with them. I had seen the house on the market for a very long time, both for sale and also for rent. It is a HUGE house, too big for a single family and it is VERY expensive. Therefore it did not sell (I think). I totally fell in love with it and can't get it out of my head :) It has a very grand and impressive entrance that has a big WOW factor. When I was there with the party viewing it, the owner of the house was there and he handed me his card and said I would have to come to his restaurant. He did not give anyone else his card. And now my mind is planning to make him an offer of something like a "trustee property", a lease with the option to buy (if that becomes possible for us within 2-3 yrs)...but at the same time being like a trustee in the sense that I will be able to live there with my family (instead of the house standing empty) as well as be allowed to utilise the rest of the house renting out short-term room by room (four extra bedrooms as well as the extra apartment on the top floor). This way I will be able to test the income possibilities to see if the income can actually cover future mortgage payments and I can seek planning permission to make some changes to the house so all that extra space will have a separate entrance. And if it turns out that it will be impossible for us to buy it within the contract time, then it will just be considered as rent and he can put it back on the market.

I've also noticed a growing interest within me in creating art (double Nep). I want to start painting to bring out the positive manifestation of Neptune. The need to do art started a few months back and might be connected to the back and forth transit of Neptune which squares the rel. AC.

I must make a note of the SSR Moon in conjunction with SSR Uranus and they both square the rel. MC, Ur makes a partile square. That could indicate something that might be very different from the "settledness and stability" that the Jup-Sat indicates. Or it might also indicate the sudden change that is all in connection to this. The fact that the SSR Moon will also move into a square to Mars and trine to Saturn as it is conjunct Ur is a bit worrying though. Who knows... very curious to find out and hence I will make the proposal to test my planets :)

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