Chassigny meteorite

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Chassigny meteorite

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:52 am

October 3, 1815, approx. 8 PM, Chassigny, Haute-Marne, France

A Mars meteorite (i.e., rock formed on Mars and forcibly ejected into space, later to land on Earth), struck Earth in Chassigny, France. In addition to its interesting origin, the Chasssigny meteorite is important because of its chemical composition.

Year: Capsolar {+2}
Neptune sq. MC 0°54'
Mars, Uranus, Pluto more widely foreground
-- Mars-Uranus conj. 0°51' in mundo
-- Mars-Pluto sq. 1°00' in mundo
-- Neptune-Pluto sq. 1°20'
-- Uranus-Pluto sq. 1°51' .in mundo

Bridge {?}
t Pluto conj. Capsolar IC 1°58'

Quarter: Cansolar {-1}
Venus on MC 0°02'
Moon more widely foreground

Month: Capsolar (Dormant.) Moon-Jupiter.

Week: Canlunar {?}
Jupiter on Dsc 1°18'
Mercury on Dsc 1°38'
Moon sq. Asc 1°34'
Sun, Venus Mars, Pluto more widely foreground
-- Sun-Venus conj. 0°08' in mundo
-- Mars-Pluto conj. 0°16' in mundo
-- Mercury-Jupiter conj. 0°21' in mundo
-- Su/Ma on angles 0°36'
-- Ve/Ma on angles 0°40'
-- Moon-Mercury sq. 1°38'
-- Venus-Mars op. 2°48'

Day: Capsolar Quotidian & Transits {?}
p Asc sq. t Neptune 1°27'
t Pluto conj. s IC 1°58'

Day: Cansolar Quotidian {0}
p Asc op. s Mercury 0°28'
Jim Eshelman

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