Treaty of Ghent (ending War of 1812)

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Treaty of Ghent (ending War of 1812)

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:57 am

Signed December 24, 1814, in Ghent, United Netherlands (now Belgium)

A peace treaty to end the War of 1812, was signed in December 1814 and became nominally effective February 12, 1815 and full effective five days later when the U.S. Senate ratified it unanimously.

I do not have a time for the signing. I'm unclear whether the end of the war should be taken as this date or 2/12/18.

Later: Running the event for the above date confirms its accuracy. The charts are rather remarkable, especially the CapQ!

Year: Capsolar {+2}
Pluto sq. MC 0°02'
Neptune on IC 2°32'
-- Venus-Jupiter op. 1°38' PVP
-- Neptune-Pluto sq. 2°17'
-- Pluto is op. non-foreground Jupiter 1°18' & conj. non-foreground Venus 1°32', both in mundo

NB - Sedna is on Dsc 4°, conj. Pluto etc.

t Pluto on on Capsolar angles all year
t Neptune op. Capsolar MC 11/25-1/12
(CapQ Venus-Jupiter op. within 03')
Event window: November 25 to January 12.

Quarter: Libsolar {+1}
Pluto sq. MC 0°40'
Venus, Jupiter (3°32'), Neptune are more widely foreground
-- Venus is conj. non-foreground Mars 2°44'

NB - Pluto is conj. Sedna 0°24'

Month: Caplunar (Dormant.) Moon-Sun.

Week: Arilunar {+2}
Uranus on IC 0°42'
Pluto on Dsc 0°50'
Mercury sq. Asc 1°08'
-- Uranus sq. Pluto 0°07' in mundo

Day: Capsolar Quotidians & Transits {+3}
p MC op. p Uranus 0°24'
p Asc conj. s Jupiter 1°13', s Venus 0°16'
-- p Venus-Jupiter op. 0°03' (or 0°57' in the Capsolar)
NB This would have become 00'00" Jan 14 if the Capsolar hadn't ended two days earlier. It was within a few seconds of perfect at the end of the Capsolar's life.
t Pluto sq. s MC 0°52'
t Neptune op. s MC 0°55'

Day: Cansolar Quotidians & Transits {+2}
p MC sq. s Mercury 0°19'
t Sun op. p Moon 0°20'
t Venus op. p Moon 0°08'
-- t Sun-Venus conj. 0°28'
t Mercury sq. s Asc 1°00'
Jim Eshelman

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