Suzanne's birth info

Feel free to post your full birthdata & open a discussion on your own chart. Tell us what you've learned from it, ask questions, etc.
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Suzanne Potts
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Suzanne's birth info

Post by Suzanne Potts » Thu Oct 10, 2019 9:46 am

I was born on October 4, 1961 at 9:15am in Tucson, Arizona

Thank you!

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Re: Suzanne's birth info

Post by Jupiter Sets at Dawn » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:14 pm

Thank you for.... your natal chart reading? I hope so.
Jim who usually does this is elsewhere for his birthday today so I took a shot at it. This is a semi-automated file and not my work, although if it's screwed up, I did that. I don't have the capacity to do mundane calculations at the moment, but perhaps someone else can help out. --JSAD

Provided for your convenience by (well, not me)

Suzanne – Natal Chart
Oct-10-1961, 9:15 am MST
TUSCON, AZ 110°N56', 32°W13'
Sidereal Zodiac – Campanus Houses

These notes on your Sidereal Natal Horoscope are provided for your reference and study. They are not a full interpretation of your birth chart; rather, they are building blocks from which a full interpretation can be built.
Each factor listed below contributes to your character. These paragraphs commonly repeat or contradict each other. (We all have contradictions.) Though it does not take an astrologer to fuse these factors into a balanced picture of you and your life, it does require knowledge of human behavior and the ways that people support and sabotage themselves. Your astrologer, having these skills and knowing this symbolic language, can help you in this process. However, knowing yourself is a life-long undertaking. Jim encourages you to read through these notes, feeling your way through the interweaving ideas and reflecting on what you know of yourself.
The paragraphs are brief. Jim has sought to pack in everything essential, to use a few words to imply much more. Not every phrase will apply, of course. Some will be more important than others; but the gist of each section should clearly reflect truth about you. When you have spent time with this and have new questions, consult your astrologer to discuss them.
Character is destiny. Who you are determines the life that is yours to unfold. “Know thyself” is the key.

Angular planets are the most expressive in your horoscope. Here follows the meaning of any angular planet(s) in your horoscope. I do not currently have the option of checking the mundane placements, so this is purely zodiacial. Perhaps someone will check the mundane placements for you.

Angular Moon 2°16 square Asc
MOON portrays our adaptation and response (instincts, plasticity; adaptation to physical, social, & psychological habitats). Psychologically it is receptivity, adaptability, sensitivity, appetite, imagination, the immediacy of feelings, personality (mannerisms, idiosyncrasies, tastes), and that which we reveal most easily, which adapts us to our environment and absorbs conditions around it. These faculties are especially strong in your character.
Adaptive in response to social, psychological, & environmental conditions (mask, roll, act). Impressionable, responsive, malleable, imaginative. Needs constant stimulation (of mind or senses). Strong sexual appetites; responsive to affection, friendship, sexual suggestion. Amiable, accommodating; sensitive, receptive, tender, empathic (touchy, moody, reactive). Vulnerable to judgments, displeasure, criticism. At home before an audience.

Angular Uranus 5°15 conjunct MC
URANUS portrays our freedom & renewal needs. Psychologically it is freedom, discovery & disclosure, revelation, revolution, liberation; the IDEAL forged from experience of the ACTUAL; the Individual distinct from the collective; delivery, release, birthing, uniqueness; and the simple, naked, candid, and exposed. These faculties are especially strong in your character.
Strongly individualistic, independent, going their own way. Needs freedom & breathing room (physical, intellectual) and frequent renewal (through new interests & experiences, shedding inhibitions, shaking loose stale conditions). Responds strongly to the new, unexpected, thrilling, colorful, exciting. Pragmatic realist anchored by naked truth (seeker who forges an ideal from experience of the actual). Clownish, fun. Prefers disclosure over mystery.

MOON portrays our adaptation and response (instincts, plasticity; adaptation to physical, social, & psychological habitats). Psychologically it is receptivity, adaptability, sensitivity, appetite, imagination, the immediacy of feelings, personality (mannerisms, idiosyncrasies, tastes), and that which we reveal most easily, which adapts us to our environment and absorbs conditions around it.
Moon in Cancer
Strongly driven by feelings (close to surface, comfortably expressed; sometimes overwhelm). When feeling safe: tender, gentle, humane, openly sensitive; otherwise moody, cocky arrogance. Expressive actor, yet treasures privacy. Magnetic, draws (requires) affection & appreciation, warm. Generous, hospitable. Sympathetic listening; trusted. Exudes optimism, confidence. Better serving than leading. Thrives within imagination & fantasy.
Moon square Sun 5°04
Energetic, dynamic, terrific drive, forceful. Psychic vitality, a mental-emotional attitude biased toward success. At home with power. Intense desire in whatever they undertake. High vitality (unless the luminaries are afflicted). Sexual desires also particularly strong, passionate, though often narcissistic. Possible vanity, self-exaltation, and obstinacy.

SUN portrays our individuation needs (the Hero’s Quest). Psychologically it is our sense of identity and purpose (direction); “What you are” at the core of your identity; and all forms of authority, power, eminence, leadership.
Sun in Virgo
Strategic, tactical, analytical, logical, scrutinizing. Favors trees over forest. Encyclopedic knowledge. Innocent air, modest. Tolerant, tactful, congenial, serious. Courageous in word & deed. Service-minded, conscientious, efficient. Principle over convenience. Active toward social progress (rarely radical).

MARS portrays our power needs (aggression, dominance, controlling others, opposition, independence, defense). Psychologically it is aggression, competition, need for physical expression, sexual aggression, courage, strength, effort, struggle, and pain.
Mars in Libra
Warm, sociable, likable. Independent, self-sufficient, survivors (slow to ask for help). Persistent, serious, intent. Interesting, odd (disreputable?), on the outskirts. Ego distinction prevails over ego-submersion (but wants marriage). Passion for social justice. Feminine thrives better than masculine (feminist). Women aggressively protect families, friends (power, impact). Men struggle with gender expectations (some bullies). Substance abuse problems.
Mercury conjunct Mars
Mind is high-powered, quick, dynamic, strategic. Physical and mental responses are both fast. Forthright, candid, speaks directly, independent of thought, enjoys a good argument (mental/verbal competition). Pre-dominantly a creative type. Quick wit, edgy sense of humor. Talent with hands. Prone to irritability, nervous frustration, fault-finding, obstinacy, opinionation. High vulnerability to addiction.
Mars square Jupiter
Exalts strength, competition, and conquest with a zest for living. Common for successful competitive athletes; in most others, it shows vitality and enthusiasm for bringing an ever-improving “personal best.” Confidence in their own strength adds impermanence to any defeats. Morally if not physically courageous. Enterprising, resourceful. Sexually ardent, lusty, eager, popular, on the hunt. “Money to burn” (generous or extravagant; rarely holds onto cash for long; seems confident in the stream of resources). Aggressive in their beliefs, evangelical in their lives (irrepressible enthusiasts, missionaries, barnstormers of doctrine or other interests).
Mars sextile Uranus
Uncompromisingly individualist. Bold, distinctive characters. Brutally honest, takes risks, challenges accepted ideas (actions may challenge the world to try to stop them). Always into something new, often offbeat. Resourceful (quick astute assessment of situations), shows initiative. Sexually uninhibited, enthusiastic. Trusts own instincts more than outside advice.
MERCURY portrays our information needs (e.g., curiosity, gaining & sharing information). Psychologically it is curiosity, perceptiveness; the gathering, storing, interpreting, and sharing of information; mental faculties, communication, and nervous sensitivity.
Mercury in Libra
Courteous, well-mannered expression. Tactful, gracious, persuasive, pleasant (sarcastic, withholding). Mediator, negotiator, peace-maker, diplomat (idealist). Masters of finding common denominators. Mind has considerable intensity.
Mercury conjunct Neptune
Hyper-responsive to environment and perceptions, extreme sensitivity to sensory impressions (may include psychism). Magnifies trivialities, fixates on particulars (often perfectionists); thus, often uncanny memories. Loves puzzle- or problem-solving, often in fantasy modelling; gets much pleasure and psychological relief from fantasied problem solving. However, commonly avoids own real problems by obsessing over fantasy problems. Dreamers, story-tellers, can enthuse-enroll others and convince someone of almost anything. Many adapt readily to systematized thought-modes of math and science.
Mercury sextile Pluto
Thinking is individual, unusual, outlier. Probing, thinks deeply about things. Mind may ride the edge of normalcy (may slip off): enthusiastic, excitable, impatient (irritable, easily frustrated, stubborn, challenging). Instinct for abstractions.
VENUS portrays our affection needs (to love & be loved, give & receive nurturing; affiliation, sex, shared play). Psychologically it is giving & receiving love; harmony, pleasure; gentle, esthetic, receptive, but natural, guileless, searching for meaning.
Venus in Leo
“Parents” his/her friends (= unequal relationships). Self-surrender is hard. Vain, aloof. Bold when romance captures their interest (but many older bachelors). “Shoppers” in romance, testing the ground first. Early sexual mismatches (unhealthy early relationships). Keen sense of morality & dignity. Generous friend.
Venus conjunct Pluto
“All or nothing” emotional intensity instinctively rejects others’ (moral and other) arbitrary values on love, sex, art. Typically has few intimates, and those of unfiltered intensity. Halfway measures are not enough; in human connection, the feeling is, “go cosmic, or go home.” Those expressing the ALL mode seek deep, penetrating connections (sometimes overwhelming intimates, sometimes inadvertently challenging social codes). Those in the NOTHING mode may choose it innocently or withdraw from people in response to repeated rebuke and ostracism. For both, sexual development may come late, as adolescent social rituals seem perplexingly arbitrary. Either may experience eruptive trouble in relationships. Either, by their intensity, can be commandingly charismatic.
Venus sextile Neptune
Idealistic, idyllic, loves to be enchanted. Usually comfortably happy, gently romantic, passive. Naive about people in romance but reads people easily when not personally involved. Good-hearted, ingratiating, devoted, humanitarian.

JUPITER portrays our ambition needs (for achievement, recognition, exhibition, & esteem). Psychologically it is our draw toward the highest and best, to better oneself, to be liked and included; fortune, optimism, enthusiasm, generosity; religious urges & the striving for superiority.
Jupiter conjunct Saturn
Practical, sensible (especially with finances). Responsible, conscientious, determined. Courageous, effective survivors; rarely halted by adversity. Patient hard work (earning one’s place, success through industry) brings the most reliable rewards. Balances gain & loss: what can be won from losing, what it costs to win (cf. politics, finance; making lemonade from lemons). Attuned to legacy, heritage, tradition. Cornerstones of their families or circles. Orthodoxies draw their strong allegiance or opposition (the most creative become baselines of new orthodoxies).
. Success fluctuates, may not last.
SATURN portrays our materialistic needs (to acquire, construct, order, retain, including especially the survival instinct). Psychologically it is self-preservation, survival; the need for self-reliance, emotional distance, & material security; inhibition & withdrawing. It limits, restrains, restricts, and defines.

URANUS portrays our freedom & renewal needs. Psychologically it is freedom, discovery & disclosure, revelation, revolution, liberation; the IDEAL forged from experience of the ACTUAL; the Individual distinct from the collective; delivery, release, birthing, uniqueness; and the simple, naked, candid, and exposed.

NEPTUNE portrays our merger needs. Psychologically it is the process of forming our selective reality through selective perception; the experience of the ACTUAL derived from the IDEAL; the individual submerged within the Collective; and connection, absorption, and complexity.
Neptune conjunct Pluto
Leaders display capacity & desire to impose a worldview (scientific, political, literary). More typically, uncertainty about the world, desire for certainty (for the world to be a particular way). Thinking in absolutes, adopts & holds a worldview, rejects its competitors, regards things a certain way & not other. (Suspicion, bigotry, doctrinal narrowness, threatened by things becoming other than how they’ve been.)

PLUTO portrays our existential (authenticity) needs. Psychologically it is the uncompromisable SEED-ESSENCE of being, “The Hidden One” (being one’s inherent, singled-out self aside from all conditioning and selection) buried in our inmost depths; and the miraculous.

James A. Eshelman
copied out by JSAD
any mistakes compliments JSAD

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