Famous Artists

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Famous Artists

Post by James Condor » Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:58 am

Famous Artists

Vincent Van Gogh born March 30th 1853 Zundert Netherlands 11am

Sun, Venus and Mars in Pisces
Moon Scorpio
Mercury in Aries

Aspects (closest only)
Moon sesquisquare Uranus 1.04
Mars square Jupiter 1.52
Mars conjunct Venus 1.56
Sun unaspected except Square to Foreground Chiron 3.12
Mercury semi-square Neptune 1.37

none I see

Pablo Piccaso born October 24th 1881 in Malaga Spain at 11:15pm

Sun in Libra
Moon and Mercury in Scorpio
Mars in Gemini
Venus in Virgo

Sun Semi square Uranus .41
Moon Sextile Venus 3.41
Mars Semi Square Pluto 1.26
Mercury Conjunct Jupiter .41
Venus sesquisquare Chiron 1.31
Mars Sextile Saturn 2.94
Mars Sextile Neptune 3.10

Angular -Maybe Sun

Leonardo Da Vinci born April 14th 1452 in Vinci Italy at 9:40pm

Sun and Venus in Aries
Moon in Libra
Mars in Capricorn
Mercury in Pisces

Moon Conjunct Venus .01
Sun Square Uranus 2.55
Moon Square Mars 4.00
Mercury Sextile Mars 1.28, Trine Pluto 2.51
Venus Square Mars 3.59
Jupiter sesquisquare Saturn .01

Venus at 9.35 and Maybe Mercury

Michelangelo born March 6th 1475 in Caprese Michaelangelo Italy at 1.45a Julian Calander

Sun and Mars in Pisces
Moon and Mecury in Aquarius
Venus in Aries

Sun trine Neptune 1.36
Sun opposite Pluto 3.31
Moon sequisquare Saturn .48
Moon Conjunct Mercury 4.03
Mercury sextile Venus 4
Mars semisquare Jupiter .09
Mars opposite Pluto 1.46
Mars trine Saturn 1.47
Jupiter sesqusquare Pluto 1.55
Saturn trine Neptune 2.53
Saturn sextile Pluto 3.33
Neptune sextile Pluto 1.55

Venus about 5

Salvador Dali born May 11th 1904 in Figueras Spain at 8:45am

Sun and Venus in Aries
Moon and Jupiter in Pisces
Mars and Mercury in Taurus

Sun Square Saturn .27
Sun Semi Square Moon2.45
Sun Semi Square Neptune 1.11
Sun Conjunct Mercury 3.16
Moon Square Neptune 1.33
Moon Square Uranus 3.04
Mercury Conjunct Mars 1.42 Mercury Square Saturn 2.49
Venus Semi Square Pluto .07
Venus Sextile Neptune .34
Saturn Sesquisquare Neptune 1.38
Saturn Trine Pluto1.11

Angular- None but Chiron is just over 10

Rembrandt born July 15 1606 in Leiden Netherlands at 3 pm

Sun in Cancer
Moon and Mars in Scorpio
Mercury in Gemini
Venus in Taurus

Sun Semi Square Venus .34 Sun Semi Square Neptune 1.34
Sun Trine Moon 1.39
Moon Conjunct Mars 2.38
Mercury Opposite Saturn .15, Mercury Trine Jupiter .52
Venus Square Neptune 2.08
Mars Opposite Uranus 2.17
Jupiter Sextile Saturn 1.08 and Pluto 1.38

Angular- Moon just above 2, Jupiter next then Chiron around 7.5, Uranus 8.4, Mars 9

Claude Monet born November 14th 1840 in Paris France at 7:26pm


Sun ,Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in Scorpio
Moon in Cancer
Mars in Leo

Sun Sextile Mars 1.06
Moon Sesquisquare Uranus .52
Moon Sesquisquare Mercury 2.29
Mars Square Saturn .02
Venus Square Mars .59
Mercury Square Uranus 1.37
Venus Conjunct Saturn 1.01
Mercury Sextile Neptune 2.42

Angular- Mars. Chiron is just above 10

Norman Rockwell born February 3rd 1894 in New York City around 2 am

Sun and Mercury in Capricorn
Moon in Sagittarius
Venus in Aquarius
Mars in Scorpio

Sun Square Uranus .46
Sun Conjunct Mercury 3.31
Moon Sextile Uranus .19
Mercury Square Uranus 2.45
Mars Sextile Saturn 2.23
Saturn Sesquisquare Neptune .40 and Pluto 1.18
Neptune Conjunct Pluto 1.57

Pluto just above 2, Jupiter 6.3, Neptune 9

M. C. Echer
born June 17 1898 in Leeuwarden Netherlands at 6:55am

Sun in Gemini
Moon ,Mercury, Neptune and Pluto in Taurus
Venus in Cancer
Mars in Aries

Sun Conjunct Neptune 3.39
Moon opposite Saturn 2.24
Mars Semi Square Neptune .06
Mercury Semi Square Venus .21
Venus Semi Square Pluto 2.59
Jupiter Sextile Uranus .27
Mercury Conjunct Pluto 3.19
Mercury Opposite Saturn 3.28

Jupiter and Venus around 7.3

Jackson Pollack
born January 28 1912 at 12:06pm in Cody Wyoming

Sun in Capricorn
Moon and Mars in Taurus
Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius

Sun Sextile Juipiter 2.09
Moon Conjunct Mars 3.47
Moon Sextile Neptune 3.34
Mercury Sesquisquare Mars 2.06
Mercury Trine Saturn 3.00
Venus Sesquisquare Saturn.09
Venus Conjunct Pluto 1.20
Mars Trine Uranus .31
Jupiter Sesquisquare Uranus 2.41
Saturn Semi square Pluto 1.11

Angular- Mars almost exact, then Moon 2.43, Saturn 4.15, Jupiter 6.65, and Neptune is around there too

Georgia O'Keffee born November 15 1887 at 6:30a in Sun Praire Wisconsin

Sun in Libra
Moon in Scorpio
Mars in Leo
Mercury in Scopio
Venus is Virgo


Sun Semisquare Venus .36
Sun conjunct moon 2.33
Moon Conjunct Mercury 2.45
Moon opposite Neptune 3.25
Mercury opposite Neptune .4
Venus sextile Saturn .44
Mars Sextile Jupiter .51
Pluto Sextile Saturn 2.18
Neptune Sequisqure Uranus 1.27

Sun 4-5

Andy Warhol
born August 6 1928 at 6:30a in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Sun Mercury and Venus in Cancer
Moon in Pisces
Mars in Taurus

Sun trine Moon .08
Sun trine Saturn 1.06
Sun Square Jupiter 4.12
Moon Sequisquare Neptune .29
Moon Semisquare Mars .35
Moon Trine Saturn 1.14
Moon Square Pluto 3.34
Venus Sesquisquare Uranus 1.25
Mars Square Neptune .06


Sun about 1
Jupiter about 5
Venus about 9

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