Dating A Urologist

Q&A and discussion about Synastry, i.e., relationship analysis through the comparison of two horoscopes.
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Dating A Urologist

Post by Venus_Daily » Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:21 pm

Well, a few months ago, making my clinical rounds in nursing school I met a 45-year-old urologist. He looks very young for his age. He's very intelligent, handsome, very tall, very, very masculine, but a bit impulsive in his personal life. He was sort of having personal problems with his girlfriend when I met him, and he broke up with her two weeks into our friendship.
He came on very very strongly, but he respects my conservative beliefs about sex and waiting. From everything, he's told me, and all the stories I've heard, he's a very sexual person. If we can't see each other every other day, he still manages to call and talk to me for at least 2-3 hrs despite being exhausted from work. Yesterday, he invited me over, and we had a romantic evening (no sex), but he told me he loved me. This has made me very happy because he's like the only guy I've never felt like I'm not pulling teeth just to get a little bit of affection. Anyway, he's actually a very talented artist, his favorite medium is oil painting.
We have lots of great synastry.

His Birthday is 5/8/1974 10:42 AM, Austin, Texas.

My Birthday is 9/4/84 11:44 PM, Kingsville, Texas.

The most important aspect between us is his Venus/Pluto partile opposition on his natal MC/IC. This aspect also falls partile over my natal Venus.
Second most important aspect is his Natal DSC partile cojunct my natal moon.

Then, he has his Jupiter opposite my natal Sun partile as well.

His natal moon is closely square my sun.

His natal Neptune is conjunct my Mars/Uranus aspect.

Sadly, his natal Saturn is square my natal Venus as well.

As well, like my late father, he has a Pluto/Saturn square.

What I am wondering is does this seem like it could possibly lead to a long-lasting relationship??

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Re: Dating A Urologist

Post by Jim Eshelman » Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:50 pm

Despite his strong sexual intensity, there is a tragedy in his relationship to love with his Venus-Saturn-Pluto T-square on angles. Your chart compares to him better than most most would, though.

Comparing his chart to yours, I first notice his Moon closely square your Sun, a strong long-term connection link that especially shows that he is inclined to support and adapt to you.

Each of you has Moon to the other's Mars but widely. This is an aspect that is legendary for simultaneously being the best and the worst - the fact that it is wide seems to soften it and make these extremes less intense. It is (when you are ready, I'm sure) an aspect of sexual intensity.

Your Venuses are opposite within half a degree, and his Pluto is in the mix. For this, you are at least suited to be friends and to find matters of pleasure and interest in common.

His Jupiter opposes your Sun within 05' . This is the best aspect - it shows, basically, that he is good to you, generous to you. His Saturn, however, lands strongly on your Jupiter and more moderately on your Venus and Neptune: I think this means that he doesn't support your fantasies and idealistic ideas of relationship but draws you toward more realism.

Your Moon is exactly on his Descendant, a very strong mark of compatibility. Your Venus-Jupiter is on his angles (aspecting his Venus). It is natural for you to love him.

Your Mars conjoins his Neptune. In some sense you terrify him. He might actually need you to humiliate him in some ways, which could be a good or bad thing depending on circumstances.

Overall, it's one of the better chart comparisons I've seen if you're into intense, don't back a way, don't be shy, live within intensity type of life.
Jim Eshelman

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