Help! Saturn's Returning

Feel free to post your full birthdata. We'll attach a natal chart for you. Discuss your own chart, tell us what you've learned from it, ask questions, etc.
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Help! Saturn's Returning

Post by mwilliams » Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:15 am

Hello! I'm a amateur at all things astrology and I'm hoping that by breaking down my own natal chart I will be able to have a better understanding of them as a whole. I have dived deep and got really lost in all the terms, meanings and such thus I steered away although I would really like to commit and use this knowledge to aid in my day to day life.

I have heard I'm currently going through a Saturn's Return and don't really understand what that all entails except a "growing up/maturing" stage. Any help in this would be appreciated as well.

Name on forum: mwilliams
Birth date: Sept 27 1991
Birth time: 4:58 pm
Residence: Houston, TX
Source: Birth Certificate

Thanks and hope I can learn a lot from you guys!
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Re: Hep! Saturn's Returning

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Mar 15, 2020 12:07 pm

M, welcome to Solunars.

Yes, Saturn is nearly returned to its natal place in your chart. This is a time of significant maturation - some cultures don't regard someone as a full adult until on the other side of this transit. Most generally, one comes face to face with the structures, limitations, definitions, and actions of one's first 30 or so years and has to meet them face to face. Whichever extreme you have leaned toward during your 20s (whether risk-taking and creative or cautious and practical, for example) will likely flip for a while as your psyche looks for balance and greater wholeness.

You have a Virgo Sun and Aries Moon like the great astrologer Charles Jayne. Venus and Jupiter are quite strong, with a Moon-Venus square being your strongest aspect. I'll come back with a post listing the most important individual pieces of your natal horoscope and what they mean (though the process of putting them together into a whole person is something you've already been doing for 28 years and will be doing even more aggressively over the next year or two).

Again, welcome.
Jim Eshelman

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Re: Hep! Saturn's Returning

Post by Jupiter Sets at Dawn » Sun Mar 15, 2020 12:14 pm

Your natal Saturn is at 5 Capricorn 36:26.
Transiting Saturn is currently at 4 Capricorn 25, and is currently moving 5 minutes a day.
Transiting Saturn came into orb of 5° of your Natal Saturn on February 1st, 2020 and will move out of orb on April 1st.
T Saturn will come into orb of 1° on March 18th.
T Sat will be partile conjunct your N Saturn on March 31, 2020.
On April 21st, T Sat will move out of 1° orb of your N Sat.

On May 11th, T Sat will turn retrograde, and move backwards into 1° orb of your N Sat on May 30th.
It will be partile conj on June 22nd.
It will move out of 1° orb on July 2nd.
It will move out of 5° orb on Sept 10th.

It will turn direct (start moving forward again) on Sept 29th.
It will move into 5° orb of your natal Sat on October 18th.
It will move into 1° orb of your N Saturn on Dec 13th.
It will be partile conj on Dec 23rd.
It will move out of 1° orb on January 1, 2021.
It will move out of 5° orb on Feb 4.

It will turn retrograde again on May 23, 2021.
It will reach within 6°30' orb of your N Saturn on October 11, when it turns direct again and zips away. That probably won't affect you.

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Jim Eshelman
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Re: Hep! Saturn's Returning

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sun Mar 15, 2020 12:24 pm

These notes on your Sidereal Natal Horoscope are provided for your reference and study. They are not a full interpretation of your birth chart; rather, they are building blocks from which a full interpretation can be built. Each factor listed below contributes to your character. These paragraphs commonly repeat or contradict each other. (We all have contradictions.) Though it does not take an astrologer to fuse these factors into a balanced picture of you and your life, it does require knowledge of human behavior and the ways that people support and sabotage themselves. Knowing yourself is a life-long undertaking. I encourage you to read through these notes, feeling your way through the interweaving ideas and reflecting on what you know of yourself.

The paragraphs are brief. I have sought to pack in everything essential, to use a few words to imply much more. Not every phrase will apply, of course. Some will be more important than others; but the gist of each section should clearly reflect truth about you. When you have spent time with this and have new questions, post again to discuss them.

Character is destiny. Who you are determines the life that is yours to unfold. “Know thyself” is the key.

Venus opposite Ascendant (0°27')
Charming, attractive, popular. Friendly, amiable, gracious. Kind, considerate, benevolent. Flirtatious, affectionate (sexually more receptive than aggressive). Loving, caretaking, mothering. Drawn to beauty, pleasure, peace, tranquility (not pain, violence, turbulence); averse to cruelty and harm. Needs to experience pleasure and beauty; requires harmony and ease (reduced stress and friction). Stubborn and fierce toward injustice (personal or social).

Pluto square Ascendant (0°26')
Social outliers needing to be authentically themselves, without labels or arbitrary standards or expectations. Eccentric, antisocial, outrageous; won’t melt into the conventional collective. Singularly unique in their context, on their own path (vulnerable to persecution). Gentle, inoffensive, innocent, shy. Grapples with existential actualities.

Jupiter square Midheaven (0°51')
Positive, optimistic, oriented to the good and qualitative. Unusually lucky. Aspires to (enjoys) life of leisure and its perks (seeks to improve self and conditions). Generous, congenial, tolerant, good-humored, kind. Sexually giving. Needs esteem & inclusion (usually well received; can be overly role-conscious). Responds to cultural totems, heritage, tradition, social graces, social and ceremonial rituals. Champion of justice & fair play.

Moon in Aries
Autonomous, independent, self-sufficient, competitive. Sentiment yields to practicality; cautious with intimacy. Sexually bold, passionate, pragmatic. Assertive (pushy), efficient, decisive, contrary, opinionated (adamant certainty). Respected, easily takes charge, leads. Business instincts, opportunistic.
Moon square Venus (0°46')
Attractive, charming; much sexual charisma. Gracious (ingratiating), affectionate, sensual. Fond of social niceties. High frustration tolerance. (Passive-dependent, moody, can be blindsided by strong feelings, often preoccupied with whether they are liked.)

Moon octile Uranus (0°54')
Intellectually rebellious, roving, curious, inquiring. Not wholly comfortable with outside guidance. Original, futuristic, needing variety. Free-spirited: psychologically lives outside convention. Subject to tensions, emotional stress.
Sun in Virgo
Strategic, tactical, analytical, logical, scrutinizing. Favors trees over forest. Encyclopedic knowledge. Innocent air, modest. Tolerant, tactful, congenial, serious. Courageous in word and deed. Service-minded, conscientious, efficient. Principle over convenience. Active toward social progress (rarely radical).
Sun octile Pluto (0°43')
“Law unto themselves.” No respect for arbitrary expectations. Antiauthoritarian, needs to be free from arbitrary, incompetent control. Comfortable as outsider; often seems aloof, unresponsive, but rarely harsh. Usually kind, “live and let live.”

Sun trine Saturn (4°09')
Effective survivor, works hard, few luxuries; prefers modest accommodations. Authority and other parent-based issues to overcome. Serious; yet good sense of humor. Struggles with self-sufficiency can block progress. More inclined to reaction than action.
Mars in Virgo
Strategic, analytical, logical, calculating odds (often deceitful, covert, manipulative, game-playing). Very smart, curious, astute, eager to learn everything possible (intelligence is more accessible than feelings). Stands ready to assist, help, support. Substance abuse (alcoholics).
Mars octile Jupiter (0°53')
Exalts strength, competition, and conquest. Zest, vitality, enthusiasm, courage, confidence. Enterprising, resourceful. Sexually lusty, eager, popular, on the hunt. “Money to burn” (generous or extravagant). Aggressive with beliefs, evangelical (enthusiasts, missionaries, barnstormers).
Mercury in Virgo
Curious, observant, methodical, analytical. Quiet, almost soft-spoken, good-natured (maybe too passive). Communication is right to the point (journalist). Logical, strategic: Wants the facts before deciding, considers all sides.
Mercury trine Saturn (0°39')
Orderly, able thinkers. Methodical, logical, routinized thought (rigid, stubborn). Skeptical, scrutinizing, distrustful. Hesitant until oriented, then decisive. Much mental power, but easily discouraged (doubting). Treats life seriously (needs play).
Venus in Leo
“Parents” his/her friends (= unequal relationships). Self-surrender is hard. Vain, aloof. Bold when romance captures their interest (but many older bachelors). “Shoppers” in romance, testing the ground first. Early sexual mismatches (unhealthy early relationships). Keen sense of morality and dignity. Generous friend.
Venus octile Uranus (0°08')
Pleasure needs are free from social convention or taboo; enjoys diverse social & sexual experiences. Approach friendship, love, & sex impersonally, on their own terms (deep instinct for flexibility & freedom). Popular, friendly, flirtatious, roguish.
Jim Eshelman

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