Apr 27: Sheena Easton & Cory Booker

Building a permanent catalog of example natal horoscopes: Birth data daily of one man and one woman born that day (AA, A, or B data) to encourage practical natal analysis and engagement. Please bring your observations.
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Apr 27: Sheena Easton & Cory Booker

Post by Jim Eshelman » Sat May 23, 2020 12:11 pm

Easton, Sheena. April 27, 1959, 3:40 AM, Bellshill, Scotland (AA).
Booker, Cory. April 27, 1969, 1:10 AM EST, Washington, DC (A).

Grant, Ulysses S. April 27, 1822, 5:30 AM LMT, Point Pleasant, OH (A).
Pres. Grant's time is given by two comparable credible sources - one B data, one A data - as "going on 5 AM" and "around 6 AM." As this is essentially a report of "about 5 AM to about 6 AM," I'm taking 5:30 AM, plus-or-minus, as reflecting both.
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