Ernest & Julio Gallo

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Ernest & Julio Gallo

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 26, 2020 8:31 am

The famous brother team that substantially gave California its modern wine industry were born almost exactly a year apart, both Pisces.

Gallo, Ernest. March 18, 1909, 7:15 PM PST, Jackson, CA (AA).
Gallo, Julio. March 21, 1910, 2:00 PM PST, Oakland, CA (AA).

The charts are most interesting by themselves/ Their synastry adds entirely new dimensions. Perhaps foremost is Julio's Jupiter in the exact degree of Ernest's Ascendant, opposite Ernest's Saturn. I think that, in this, we will find much of the dynamic that led to their paired success. Additionally, their Moons are opposite. The connection is quite sound, with Julio's Venus exactly on his brother's Moon.

There is more, though I think these are the main features. It's possibly the best example (among the famous) of business compatibility I've seen. Contradictions are minor, the hardest interchange to juggle probably being Julio's Mars square Ernest's Jupiter (which, however, has positive contributions as well, especially when turned around as Ernest's Jupiter square Julio's Mars).
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